Create a Plant Operator Form

How to create an Asset Operator Form for my Plant & Equipment. This is used to ensure an Operator has answered any questions and uploaded the correct licence to operate a piece of equipment inducted to your site.

Step 1:

Go to Editor > Forms, and select at the top right.

Step 2:

At the form creation window change the Type to Asset Operator and Approval Mode to Host Approval if you want site managers to review them.

Step 3:

Select and to start creating new questions to add to your form.

For the simplest way to manage your Operator forms we suggest add at least one prompt to request the correct licence for a piece of equipment by setting Question Type to File and making it Required/Mandatory. 

Recommended settings for Licence prompt below:


When you're finished adding your questions select at the bottom right complete creating the form.

Step 4:

Lastly to make sure the Operator Form is active add it to your Plant Induction/Asset Registration Form. See How to create a Plant Induction Form to learn more.
Go to Editor > Forms again, and select the edit icon next to your Plant Induction form. 

 At the bottom left select the Asset Operator form that you'd like to used for this form.

Your Asset Operator form is now active.