How to create a Question?

Questions can be set to screen or collect data from users entering your company's 1Breadcrumb site. This can be used as Check-in or Check out questions or used for Inductions and forms.

Step 1:

Go to Editor > Questions. You are then routed to the Questions Repository.

Step 2:

Once you're on the Questions Repository page, click  and fill out the details:

2.1 Question. This is the title of the question.
2.2 Use Rich Text Title. This is when you have questions or information in bullet form, quotations, bold letters, etc.
2.3 Question Type. You can have a Yes/No Answer, Options -- Single Select Answer or Multi-Select Answer, Text form Answer, a File Answer -- an Image, or Static Text where it requires no answer.  
2.4 Ask Question. How many times will the question be asked. Will it be Always, one time per site, one time per day. (Recommended to leave as default)
2.5 Ask Mode. If the question is for Check-in, Pre-Check-in, or anytime. (Recommended to leave as default)
2.6 Question Default Mode. If the question's default mode is check-in, check out, both, or disabled. (Recommended to leave as default)
2.7 Question Is Sensitive. To use for Private questions that you can set only specific admins to be able to view. 
2.8 Is Required?. IMPORTANT This is where you set the question to be mandatory or not to complete whatever induction/form it is used in. If set to Yes, it will ensure a user has answered the question before allowing them to continue.
Once you’re done filling out all the details, click .

Extra Note: Adding new question to existing Induction/Form

If you're editing or creating an Induction/Form you can select which will give you the full list of existing questions to add. If you then select at the top you can create a brand new question and add it immediately instead of going to Editor > Questions to create each question.