How to Edit a Question?

How to Edit an existing question already used on an Induction/Form

Step 1:

Identify the exact question you want to be changed by finding it in the Induction/Form it's used in under Editor. Select to open up the Induction/Form, which will show all the questions on the right. You can select from here to see a simple layout that a employee/subcontractor would see.

In this example we'll look to edit "Do you have all of your required PPE to perform todays work?"

Step 2:

Go to Editor > Questions and use the search bar to find the exact wording of the question you want to edit. Select next to the desired question.

Step 3:

Change anything you'd like here from the wording, type or if it's required (Non Mandatory vs Mandatory) and select . This will update all Forms and Inductions that this questions is used in immediately.