Issue Off-Site Induction Link to Suppliers

Ensure site teams are fully inducted before arriving on-site.

When you have Suppliers, like Subcontractors, who will be doing hands-on work on your construction project and will need to attend your company and/or site induction, 1Breadcrumb has the option to issue these inductions over to the Suppliers, and they can make sure their teams are all up to speed before they even set foot on-site. 

This trick significantly cuts down the time you spend getting workers up to speed on-site and dealing with their paperwork. So, your crew can jump into action sooner and get the job rolling faster!

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Web Portal Steps 💻

When you're inviting Suppliers to complete their Onboarding and return their safety documents, at this stage you can also offer them the chance to access the off-site induction at this stage. 

Should you wish to provide Suppliers with only the off-site induction link (i.e., without asking for safety documents), follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the 'Sites' tool located on the left-hand toolbar of your 1Breadcrumb portal.

    tempsnip 66

  2. Look for the specific project where you want to share the Off-Site Induction Link with a Supplier. You can do this by scrolling through the list of sites or by using the search bar.

    tempsnip 67

  3. Once you've identified the site, click on the orange "Manage Site" button.

    tempsnip 68

  4. In the new window that appears, scroll down and click on to open the "Offsite" settings tab.

    tempsnip 69

  5. Within the "Access" section, click the green "👍 Show Off Site QR Code" button.

    tempsnip 70-1

  6. A QR code and a link will be displayed. You now have two choices:
    1. Option A: Download the QR code by clicking the blue "Print QR Code" button then saving as a PDF on your computer to then send it to the Supplier via email or text. 

      tempsnip 71

    2. Option B: Clicking the "Copy to Clipboard" QR Code link then sharing it with the Supplier via email or text.

tempsnip 72

👍 Once sent, this will now provide Suppliers the opportunity to issue the QR Code or the Link to their teams for the ability to complete the induction prior to arriving on site 👍

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Requirements ❗

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