How do I join 1Breadcrumb as a subcontractor without an account?

Setting up a Supplier (Subcontractor) Portal

As a subcontractor without an account with us, the principal contractor needs to send you an onboarding email. There are two types of onboarding links, 

  • Quick onboarding link - This is an anonymous link and will allow anyone to upload documents on behalf of the supplier. This does not require the person to verify who they are.
  • Full onboarding link - This will link a specific email to the principal contractor's company and generate a supplier portal. This method does require the person to verify who they are and to set up a 1Breadcrumb login.

Why would I want to do full onboarding instead of quick onboarding?

Setting up your supplier portal (full onboarding) will allow you to:

  • Easily induct plant and equipment to site and assign qualified operators to different plants/equipment
  • Upload and view site documents with ease (i.e., SWMS)
  • Create and add your own inductions to the primary contractor’s site

Step 1

To start off, your principal contractor would have sent you an on-boarding email that looks
something like this:

Click on the link in email and follow the prompts. You will need your mobile
number to receive and verify your set up with an SMS code.

Step 2

Please verify that your company name is correct and select Submit.

Step 3

You will see the below message. Click Let’s Go.

Once inside the portal, you will see all the projects that have been shared to you by the principal

Step 4

Next to the specific site name, there will be some blue buttons in the same row.

  • Click on Site Documents to upload site safety documentation like SWMS, RAMS or SDS.
  • Click on Permits to apply for permits if the principal contractor has set them up.
  • Click on Site Assets to induct a new asset or plant.
    • Fill in the details of your plant i.e., Name, Status, and upload an image if required
      Click Next to choose and complete the Asset Registration Form.
    • Click Submit after filling out all required fields.
    • Once complete, you have now successfully submitted your asset and it is pending review from the principal contractor.