Initial Procore + 1Breadcrumb Integration (Automatic Project Sync)

This tutorial will walk you through the process of integrating Procore and 1Breadcrumb so that projects automatically sync from Procore into 1Breadcrumb.

Table of Contents 💡

Part 1: Install 1Breadcrumb via Procore Marketplace

  1. Log in to your Procore account.
  2. Navigate to the Procore app store by clicking ‘Apps > Select an App’ located in the top right-hand corner of the header, then click ‘Marketplace’ from the dropdown menu.

  3. On the new page, use the search bar to look for '1Breadcrumb.'
  4. Select the 1Breadcrumb tile from the search results.
  5. Click the ‘Install App’ icon located above the 1Breadcrumb details window.
  6. Confirm the installation in the pop-up window by clicking ‘Install’.

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Part 2: Create a Permissions Template for how you want current and future Procore projects to integrate with 1Breadcrumb

  1. Return to your Procore Homepage.
  2. Navigate to the 'Company Tools' dropdown list located in the header.
  3. Select ‘Permissions’ from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the ‘Project Permissions Templates’ tab from the permission files banner.
  5. Create a new permissions template by clicking the ‘Create Project Permissions Template’ toggle and choose ‘Project (Global) - Assignable to All Projects’ from the dropdown menu.
  6. Name the global permission template "1Breadcrumb Projects Permission Template" or a similar name, then click "Confirm."
  7. In the new window, ensure the following Permission Tools/Core Tools have the below-specified permissions enabled:
    1. The below categories should have the 'Read Only' column enabled:
      • Directory/Portfolio: Also select 'Turn ALL ON' from the Directory/Portfolio dropdown list. This is to pull over the projects and project directory.
      The below categories should have 'Admin' column permissions enabled:
      • Documents: Syncs records created in 1Breadcrumb to the relevant projects' Document tool in Procore. 
      • Timecards/Site Diary/Daily Log: Syncs 1Breadcrumb Site Attendance records to the relevant projects' Site Diary/Timecard tool in Procore.
  8. For all other Permission Tools/Core Tools settings, set them to 'None'.
  9. Click ‘Save’ after making the above changes. 

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Part 3: Apply the permissions template you created to current and future projects

    1. Return to your Procore Homepage by clicking the Home button or Procore banner(top left). 
    2. Navigate to the 'Company Tools' dropdown list located in the header.
    3. Select ‘Directory’ from the dropdown menu.
    4. In the search bar, please type in "dmsa" and hit enter.
    5. Beside '1breadcrumb-dmsa-786bba23’  select 'Edit'.
    6. Scroll down to “Project Settings” / “New Project Settings” and click on the following Select Default Template hyperlink. 
    7. In the pop-up window, from the “Templates” drop down list, pick the template you made in Part 2, Step 6, and click 'Apply'. 
    8. Check the two boxes below this:
      1. Add '1breadcrumb-dmsa-786bba23' to all new projects in "Default permission template" and;
      2. Allow 1breadcrumb-dmsa-786bba23 to create new projects (1breadcrumb-dmsa-786bba23 will have full administrative access to any projects that they create)
    1. In the “Current Project Settings” section under, click “Remove All” located above the list of Current Project Settings table. The list of current projects will be moved into the “Projects 1breadcrumb-dmsa-786bba23 Does Not Belong To” table. 
    2. Click the “Add All” button located above the “Projects 1breadcrumb-dmsa-786bba23 Does Not Belong To” table. This will now add all the projects into the Current Project Settings table. Note: depending project count, this may take several minutes.  

    3. Click “Save”.

    👍 Congrats! You have completed the integration from Procore's end, please continue below to complete 1Breadcrumb's integration. 😀

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        1Breadcrumb - Web Portal Steps 💻

        Part 4: With Procore now permitted to integrate with 1Breadcrumb and the integration settings configured, proceed to activate the integration within your 1Breadcrumb portal

        1. Log into your 1Breadcrumb account using your verified mobile number. 
        2. Navigate to the company configuration settings by clicking on [Your Name / Company Name] located in the top right hand corner within the orange header.
        3. Select ‘Integration’ from the drop down menu.
        4. Switch the integration to “Active”.
        5. Pick "Marketplace (DMSA)" from "Integration Mode" and click "Authorize on Procore".
        6. Please reach out to your CSM at this point to ensure you are enabling the correct settings. 

          Untitled design

          🎉 You just completed the integration of 1Breadcrumb & Procore! 🎉 

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        Critical information required for Procore information to come across to 1Breadcrumb: 


        • Trigger Procore Projects to Sync into 1Breadcrumb

          • To make sure any newly created Projects can sync with 1Breadcrumb, you need to input specific project details into Procore. You can verify if these details are accurate by navigating to the Admin settings for your project on Procore:
            • Project Number/ID (Ensure it's unique and not the same as another project).

            • Address

            • Completion Date (Make sure it's a future date, not in the past).

        • Trigger Procore Subcontractors to Sync into 1Breadcrumb

          • To make sure your Subcontractors can sync with 1Breadcrumb, you need to input their ABN or License Number into Procore. You can do this by:
            • Navigate to “Company Tools” and click on “Directory”.

            • Choose the “Companies” tab at the top, next to options like “Users” and “Contacts”.

            • Using the search bar, type the company name you're looking for, once found, click 'Edit.'

            • Scroll down to the section labelled 'Entity Type' and enter the companies ABN details if the company is Australian, or enter their Licence Number if applicable.

        • Trigger 1Breadcrumb Inductions, SWMS, Permits, Forms or Plant/Asset records to sync into Procore's Documents Tool

          • 1Breadcrumb folder will automatically be created under the Procore Documents tool once you have check in's/SWMS/Permits/Forms being completed via 1Breadcrumb. 

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        Requirements ❗

        • Your company must have a Procore and 1Breadcrumb enterprise.
        • Activation of the integration between Procore and 1Breadcrumb is exclusively in the hands of Procore and 1Breadcrumb Company Admins/Hosts. Should you lack these permissions within your Procore or 1Breadcrumb account, please contact your Company Admins/Hosts for assistance.
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