Setting up your Procore Integration in 1Breadcrumb

This feature allows you to enable the 1Breadcrumb Procore marketplace integration.

The person who has Procore company administrator privileges will be able to complete the below steps. This process will only need to be completed once at the commencement of the project. 


Steps in Procore 

Step 1:

In your Procore account, click on Select an App located at the upper right-hand side of the page.

Click Marketplace at the bottom of the dropdown. 



Step 2:

Type 1Breadcrumb into the search bar. 

Select 1Breadcrumb from the list. 

If you are unable to see 1Breadcrumb in your marketplace, you may not be the company administrator. The company administrator needs to complete this step.



Step 3:

Click Install App  located at the upper right-hand side of the page. 

Click Install located at the bottom right hand corner of the pop up window. 

Step 4:

Click all the projects on the list so that they are highlighted in blue then select Add.


Step 5:

To enable the correct permissions for all future projects, you will need to create a Global Project Permissions Template in Procore for the 1Breadcrumb integration and apply it to the app.

To create a Global Project Permissions Template, please follow the steps here:

Select the following permissions and click

Then follow the steps below:

See here for more details:

Steps in 1Breadcrumb (to be completed after the Steps in Procore)

Step 6:

Click on the User Profile Menu located at the upper right-hand side of the page.

Click Integrations


Step 7:

Click on the Procore Integration tab.

Enable the Procore Integration by toggling Inactive to Active .


Step 8:

Once it's Active, click the Marketplace (DMSA) option.

Click Authorize On Procore, then contact your CSM to discuss your integration settings.

Requirements for Automatic Project Sync

For projects to push directly across from Procore to 1Breadcrumb, you must ensure several fields are populated.

First, select the Project (top of the screen) > Project Tools (right next to project button) > Admin (under Core Tools).

Guide to Key Points

The three requirements are:

  • Project Number/ID is filled out correctly
  • Address is filled out correctly
  • Completion Date entered is not in the past

Project Information Key Points




If 1Breadcrumb projects are not showing up, one of the projects may have been missed in Step 4 or the skip button pressed during the app installation process. 

To fix this, click on Apps located in the header

Click on App Management from the dropdown located under the header Core Tools.  


Type 1Breadcrumb  in the search bar.

Click View  next to 1Breadcrumb in the search results.



Select the Permissions tab. Ensure that the 'Automatically add these permissions to all new projects' toggle is active (blue).



Add any projects that do not have access using the Permitted Projects dropdown on the right and click Add .



If there are too many projects that the list extends off the screen, you will need click Add then refresh the page to add more.