Create an Asset Tracker/Asset Report Form

This will explain how to set up your Asset Tracker forms in the 1BC Web Portal and start listing your Assets.


For employees to have access to your Asset Tracker/Asset Report to borrow or list Assets they must be listed as an employee in your Permissions. This will automatically be synced if you use Procore and they're set up as Employees in your system, but if not their numbers must be added manually.

Step 1:

First, an Asset Report Form needs to be set up for you to register your own equipment.

Go to the top right to select Your Name Company name > Company Settings.
Next, select the Asset Manager Tab.

Select the Asset Status tab first to define what options you want available. You can also set up Trigger notifications here if an Asset is returned with a status like Needs Repair, which can then send an email to your internal repair agent that this Asset needs to be repaired.

Common status examples below:

Go back and select the Asset Categories when done.

You can now create a Category/Form in the Title field and select .

Step 2:

Select the Asset Field(s) Tab and to start adding Questions/Fields to be filled when registering an Asset.

You can Define your own field, or use Global Fields that are a preset of common information asked for Assets and Plant & Equipment. 

Highly recommended - 
Use the Global Field selection first and find any of the items that are relevant to use. It covers a lot of common ones such as Make, Model, Serial Number etc.
This makes it easier to list but also allows this information to be carried over automatically when Inducting Plant & Equipment to site if it's one of your existing assets and the same fields are used in your Asset Registration Form.

If you need to add any more in use the Define New Field for all other fields.

Field Name = Name of Field

Is Required = Making mandatory or not

Type = Set type of field, choosing from Generic Text/Number/Image(File)/Date

Show barcode scanner to read information? = If ticked you can scan a QR/Barcode to automatically fill this field if registering an Asset on the App using the phone camera. This requires you to manually create your own QR/Barcode and assign information to it that can be scanned.

Use in Search? = Allows you to search for this field in your Asset report. 

Is long Text? = Uses a long text field to include a lot of information if needed.

Step 3:

You can now add in your own company assets into 1Breadcrumb using the Asset Report.

On the left go to Reports > Asset Report and then you can select at the top right.

Here you can select the Category if you have created multiple and fill out all the required fields to Add the Asset. Everything in Red is mandatory to Submit.

All your Assets will now be listed in your Asset Report with the ability for Employees to borrow, assign and return them to keep track of them.