How to Auto-Send submitted forms as a report?

This feature allows you to receive the forms that have been filled out and submitted by the users.

Make sure that you have already created a form.

If you haven't created it yet, please see the article "How to create a Form?".

To be able to have a form auto-sent to you once submitted, we have to create a trigger.

Step 1:

Click on Editor

Step 2:

Click on Forms

Step 3:

Click on the green Hamburger Menu  button beside the form you wish to add the trigger.

Step 2:

Click Company or Site.

The Trigger Type should be Form.

For Company Specific, you can just click Add global trigger to company "x" .

For Site Specific, you need to choose a specific site for the trigger and then click Add global trigger to company "x" .

Step 3:

Click and fill in the details:

a. Trigger. The trigger should be When a user submits a form.

b. Action. The action should be Send an Email.

c. Forms. You may choose what form you want to be sent to you or you can choose Any Form for all of the forms to be sent once the user is filing up. 

d. Email Subject. The Subject for your Forms Report. You can tick the bottom boxes if you wish to send this to the Company Supervisor or Site Supervisor or both.

e. Recipients. You can manually add email addresses if you don't want this report to be sent to the Company Supervisor or Site Supervisor, or if you wish to add other email addresses aside from the Site or Company supervisor.

Once you have filled out all of the details, click .