Induct Plant & Equipment

Inducting Plant/Equipment as a Site worker using the 1Breadcrumb app.

This allows you to Induct Plant  & Equipment as an employee on-site, specifically: 

  • Where to access and manage site plant/equipment in the 1Breadcrumb App
  • How to induct plant/equipment to site
  • How to do a plant induction
  • How to share Plant Operator Tickets and VOCs with the Principal Contractor

Step 1 - 

On the main profile page of the app, locate and click Manage Site Assets under the site you have checked into.

Click 'Register New Asset' and select the correct Asset Registration Form. 

Step 2 - Register New Asset

Here you can select an Existing Asset, Create New or Register a Short Term one. 

Existing Asset = Will use an Asset that has already been added to the Site Asset Register. 

Create New Asset = You can create a new Asset if it is not listed in the pre-existing list of Assets. 

Register Short Term Asset = Skips registering Asset into the system, suggested to be used for hired equipment not own by the PC.

Step 3 - Create a New Asset

(For this example, we will create a New Asset)

1 - Fill out all the required fields of the plant/equipment (i.e. name of the plant/equipment, the status is in working condition).
2 - Add an image of the plant/ equipment either with your camera phone or from your phone
3 - Click Create New Asset once done.

Step 4 - You have successfully submitted a New Asset.

Now you must wait for approval!