Create Company or Site Hosts

There are two main types of permissions on 1Breadcrumb - Company host and Site host. Individuals with permissions are able to access different functions within the system (both Web portal or Mobile app).

Step 1 - Once your CSM has given you access to the Web portal, you can now log into or register an account on using your mobile number. 

Step 2 - After logging into the Web portal successfully, you will now be able to add in other employees and give them access! 

Step 3 - On the top right hand side, locate Your Name/ Company Name > Click Permissions.

Step 4 - The tabs at the top will display the different lists you can add users too, with our focus on hosts.
Company Host vs. Site Host 

1) Company Host - This admin user has company level permissions and can see ALL projects (Full Admin) 

2) Site Host - Limit admin user to see only one or specific projects (recommended for Site Managers who are responsible for only one or two projects at a time) 

Step 5 - Only the phone number is needed to add in a host (First/Last Name is not mandatory, will be automatically updated with their profile's information). 

1) Company Host -

Select and after putting in the user's number our suggestion is tick Has All Permission? (Giving all permissions) over to Yes and click the Save New User button to confirm.

2) Site Host -

First select the desired site/project name from the drop down list or search for it by typing in the same place.

Select Yes beside 'Has All Permissions' (Giving all permissions) and click to confirm.