How to add/create a new Supplier?

This feature allows you to keep track of all of your suppliers/ subcontractor companies.

Please note: This article is not intended for Procore-users. For how to sync suppliers from Procore, please visit this article. 

There are two levels of supplier/subcontractor management through 1Breadcrumb:

  1. Company level 
  2. Project level 

Company level - You must first add a new supplier to the company level before adding it to a project-specific level. 

Step 1 - Go to Suppliers > Click on the button.

Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 12.18.20 pm

Step 2 - 

Type in the Supplier's name. 

You may also add the E-mail and Phone number. Please note that you must not have any spaces before or after an email/phone number. 

Once you're done, click .

Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 12.20.00 pm

Project Level - Once you have added the supplier at the company level, you may want to add project- specific suppliers to each project.

To do so:

Step 1 - Go to Sites > click on Suppliers beside the selected Site (See below image for reference). 

Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 12.27.59 pm

Step 2 - Click on New on the top right and select from drop down list of Company Suppliers.