How to add an announcement to a specific site?

The Announcements tab is a virtual bulletin where site information, emergency communications, daily meetings can be posted and it can act as communication tools for visitors.

Before you add the announcement to a site, make sure you have created an announcement. Please see the article "How do I Create an Announcement?"

Step 1:

To add the Announcement to a site, go to your Sites list, and navigate the site you wish to add the Announcement.

Click Manage Site and you will be routed to the Site Announcements List.

Step 2:

Click Announcements

Step 3:

Click Add New Announcement.

3.1 Select Announcement. You can create a new announcement on this page or choose the announcement from your announcement list. 

3.2 Valid From. Date the announcement will start.

3.3 Valid To. Date the announcement will end.

3.4 Mode. If the announcement will be notified always, once or silent.

3.5 Force View Mode. Here you can select if you want it to be a Mandatory View for all users proceed, or Mandatory View and SignOff that collects signatures to confirm users have read the announcement. Or you can leave as Disable if you wish to not use it. 

3.6 Set to specific users? Yes, if you wish to set the announcement to specific users by adding the mobile number, and name. For example using this you could make it so only your Site Manager or Health and Safety Rep would see the announcement.

3.7 Set to specific industry type? Yes, if you wish to set the announcement to a specific industry type.

3.8 Set to specific visitor type? Yes, if you wish to set the announcement to a specific visitor type such as only Employees, Sub-contractors or Visitors.

Click Add New Announcement to add the Announcement to the site.

To remove the Announcement on the site, click the red trash bin button beside the announcement.

After you're done ensure you select  at the top right.