Create & Manage Visitor Types

With 1Breadcrumb, sites can easily specify the reason behind every check-in. This means that each person checking in gets the right information tailored for their purpose on-site.

We've got three types of check-ins ready for you: Employee, Subcontractor, and Visitor

These types help you precisely provide and collect the needed info from individuals in these categories. But if you want to personalise things even more to match how your organisation works, or if you want to add or remove new check-in types, these steps will show you exactly how to make those changes.

Prerequisites 🚨

  • Only Company Hosts can create or modify a check-in type. If you do not have these permissions, please reach out to your Company Hosts.

Mobile App Steps 📱

This function cannot be performed via the Mobile App. Please log into 1Breadcrumb via your computer or laptop. 

Web Portal Steps 💻

  1. Navigate to the company configuration settings by clicking on [Your Name / Your Company] located in the top right hand corner within the orange header. Then select ‘Company Settings’ from the drop down menu.

    tempsnip 31

  2. From the company configuration tabs, click “Visitor Types”.

    tempsnip 32

You can manage Visitor Types in the following ways:

Create a new Visitor Type:

  1. Enter the title of the new Visitor Type in the "Type" field then click the 'Add New Type' button.

    tempsnip 33-1

Rename a existing Visitor Type: 

  1. Locate the type you want to modify, then click the orange "Edit" icon inline with it. In the pop-up window, enter the updated title for the Visitor Type in the "Type" field then click “Update”.

    tempsnip 34
    tempsnip 35

Delete a Visitor Type:

  1. Locate the Visitor Type you want to delete and click the red "X" icon next to it. A pop-up window will ask you to confirm your decision, click “Yes”.

    tempsnip 34

    tempsnip 37