How do I add Visitor Types to my Inductions?

This will filter the types of visitors that you would like to answer the Forms, SWMS, and Induction.

Step 1:

Click on Editor

Step 2:

Click on Inductions

Step 3:

Choose your desired induction you want to add your Visitor Type.

Step 4:

Click on the Edit Button.

Step 5:

Toggle the button under Do you want to limit visitors based on types? to make it Yes.

Step  6:

Click on the desired Visitor type you want to add (e.g. Employee, Sub-Contractor, and Visitor). The Visitor types that are highlighted in blue will be shown the induction, while those in white will be excluded.

Step 7:

Click on .


You will then see the Visitor Types that you have added on the Inductions page.

To Edit or Remove the visitors. Same steps, then choose No for Do you want to limit visitors based on types?

Congratulations! You have added a Visitor Type for your Inductions.