How 1Breadcrumb uses your location.

This option is Mandatory if you are to use location check-in or auto check-in.

Enable Location all the time is only mandatory if you are to use location check in or auto-check in.

This allows the app to check if you are onsite even when you don't have the app open.

1Breadcrumb only uses the phone's location to identify if the phone is within or outside of a nominated geofence.

1Breadcrumb does not track users outside of a nominated geofence location and when location services are always enabled, 1Breadcrumb's background battery usage is minimal.

At no point is 1Breadcrumb collecting a user’s data for any purpose other than for recording the time at which they arrive to site and the time they depart.

How does the app use my location?

To enable this, the 1Breadcrumb app sends a location request to Apple/Google (Android) every few minutes to ask whether the phone is within the geofence.

If the app gets the response that the phone is within the range of the nominated site geofence, it changes the status of the worker in the attendance report as 'checked in' and deletes the location data.

If the worker is not in the geofence, the app notes that the worker is not checked in onsite and deletes the data. 


Apple will sometimes notify users
with the notification to the right.

Please note this notification is only Apple
informing you that the app has used your location to
check if you were in a geofence or not.